2018/09/22 (5 years ago)

XRP Support Added


Recent batch of great news finally gave some much-needed breathing room for all XRP holders. With XRP value jumping over 100% in mere days and even briefly hitting that elusive #2 market cap spot, this is definitely the right time to add XRP support to Bitback profiles.

Since today all Bitback users can add their own personal XRP addresses to their profiles. They will be shown to everyone visiting your profiles according to your desired privacy settings.

If your address belongs to an exchange such as Binance, make sure you add a proper Deposit Tag. There’s a custom field just for that.

To see an example integration simply visit our very own Bitback profile on bitback.me/bitback.

You can start receiving XRP payments too. Create a free Bitback account and add your address to your profile in minutes, and proudly tell your friends, supporters and everyone else that you accept XRP payments.