2019/03/05 (5 years ago)

TokenPay Support Added

TokenPay - TPAY

It’s been awhile since the last time we added support for a new coin on Bitback. Real life often gets in the way, but adding support for TokenPay addresses was definitely a long time coming.

TokenPay has been hard at work on building and growing their massive ecosystem. Registration for their Efin decentralized exchange has just opened, and there are many more massive developments coming soon.

In case you haven’t heard of TokenPay yet, make sure to visit their website to find out about tons of exciting things they have in store. They partnered with Litecoin and Verge, they bought an actual bank, they’re building merchant payment platform with fiat conversions, escrow services, and it’s only a matter of time until their banking services and debit cards become available to everyone. All this is just the tip of the iceberg!

All Bitback users can now easily add TokenPay addresses to their profiles, and you too are only a few clicks away from receiving TPAY payments from your friends or clients.

You can view example integration on our own profile on bitback.me/bitback. We have our actual address listed, so if you want to contribute a few TPAY you can send them directly to our wallet. Since we never get any donations, perhaps you could at least consider registering on Efin with our affiliate link. Perhaps with a little bit of luck and generosity we can somehow afford their partnership, which you should definitely consider too.

Disclaimer: author/site owner holds a laughably tiny amount of TPAY. It was a personal choice to add TPAY, but you’re welcome to suggest other coins for integration.