2018/08/12 (5 years ago)

Litecoin, Dash & Tezos Support Added

Litecoin, Dash & Tezos

Bitback’s launch went well, and there were tons of fantastic comments and feedback posted on our Reddit debut thread. Overwhelmingly positive response was a much-needed kick in the butt to keep at it, so along with dozens of small improvements to design, usability and security, we’re now adding support for three new currencies.

New assets

As promised and scheduled, we’re adding support for Litecoin (LTC) and Dash (DASH). Both are widely adopted and are a common payment method.

Tezos (XTZ) support was also added due to it being more or less the first suggestion. You have u/docentblock to thank. Support for multiple addresses of the same asset is still under consideration, despite another update as detailed below.

Based on u/SuperSuschi‘s suggestion Bitback profiles can now also display two custom assets. You can add your own label or title; we’re not enforcing any rules here but it’s highly recommended to stick to the guidelines and keep your profile consistent. Ability to upload icons is still in consideration and may come in the future.

What’s next?

In no specific order and with no exact timeframe, the following features are either coming soon or being seriously considered:

  • Currency conversion calculator (u/mitche50)
  • Proper support for linking directly to specific addresses on user profiles (u/smile4art)
  • Beautifying and clarifying the homepage to make it more obvious what Bitback is all about (u/Vindictus7)
  • QR code for profile links (u/Joohansson)

Further improvements to site security and usability remain a top priority and will be worked on continuously. Support for additional crypto assets will be added at least once a week based on top suggestions, so follow and talk to us on Twitter @bitbackme or elsewhere and tell us your preferences.

The following features will depend on available funding:

  • Hiring outside security consultants for a proper security audit (u/Arcade_Fryer and several others)
  • Proper logo design (u/OnTheInfluence)
  • Public API (u/pwlk)
  • Browser extension and mobile app, as outlined here

Bitback is currently a hobby with no intention of any monetization, so if you want to help development please consider sending a few coins to our address. You can find them on (shocking!) our Bitback profile. All funds will go towards development of Bitback.