2018/08/08 (5 years ago)

Bitback Launches, Here’s Whats Next

Bitback launch

Bitback.me launches today after several months of development. It’s officially in beta mode, meaning you may experience some errors or bugs while using it. Site will be actively worked on and you can expect many more exciting features implemented in the next few months.

Here’s a quick overview of upcoming developments and features coming!

1 – Support for more currencies

The whole point of Bitback is to show your friends or followers all the different cryptocurrencies you can receive. Site is only launching with support for 4 currencies, but we will actively keep adding new ones.

At launch we’re supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Nano. First two are most well-known and recognizable and are a no-brainer. User privacy was one of the features we felt was very important to implement, so Monero was the obvious choice for privacy concerned users. Nano is instant, fee-less and a great way to send and receive money.

Plans are in motion for adding Litecoin and Dash support in the next few days, with more coins on the way. For the most part new coins or tokens will be voted by the community. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook to let us know which cryptos you’d like to see added.

2 – Browser extension

Browser extension is currently a definite plan but not being actively developed. Bitback’s browser extension will enable you to very easily see and get notified when a content creator or a website you visit accepts crypto donations or payments.

Extension will help you contribute more easily to your favorite content creators, or get paid by your followers or viewers. All this will be possible with fully privacy, as the extension won’t even track which websites you visit. More details on this soon!

Building a browser extension is on hold until Bitback.me site is fully operational and ready for prime time. For now the focus will be on improving the website and core features.

3 – Mobile app

Bitback’s mobile app will have social features allowing you to easily find your friend’s or contact’s payment addresses, among other things. Creating a mobile app with all the features we’d like it to have is complex and will require extensive outside work and knowledge, so at this point it’s more of a dream than a promise.

When or even if mobile app happens depends on the demand and funding, so we’ll keep everyone updated through the site.

How can you help?

Simply using our site and creating a profile is a great way to help! Bitback is intended to be used, so go do it! You can spread the word to your friends or followers and share your profile with others as much as you like. It’s free, and we’ll never charge money for creating a profile.

Since Bitback doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t take any fees whatsoever, you are more than welcome to visit our own Bitback profile if you want to contribute a few cryptobucks. Right now Bitback is a hobby and definitely not a business, so every penny you could spare will help the continued development.

You can should also let us know about any potential bugs you encounter or suggestions you may have. Contact page is right here and every suggestion or report will be considered.