What’s Bitback?

BitBack.me helps you list all your cryptocurrency addresses in one place. It enables you to create a personal profile and list all your wallet addresses. Instead of sending multiple addresses to your clients, friends or followers you can simply send them your Bitback.me profile link.

See it in action here!

What cryptocurrencies do you support?

Bitback currently supports only a handful of cryptos, but we plan to add more in the near future. If you have suggestions feel free to contact us or reach out on social media to let us know which currency you’d like added next.

How much does this cost?

Creating a Bitback profile is 100% free, forever.

How much are your fees?

All crypto payments go directly to your wallets. We do not act as a payment intermediary and don’t handle any money. All addresses listed on your profile are your own personal wallets, and you get to keep 100% of your money.

Is this safe to use?

We do not handle your money or receive any payments. All money goes straight to your wallets.

That being said, common sense is necessary. NEVER post your private keys or passwords anywhere online. Use a complex password for your Bitback account, and never re-use passwords for multiple online services.

How can I help?

Your feedback is the most valuable thing we can get. See our contact form or hit us up on social media and tell us how to improve.

You can also always check out our own Bitback profile and send a few bucks to our wallets. Bitback is currently a one-man show and any contributions truly will help development immensely. We I will need outside coders sooner or later for some of the exciting site features planned, and if you decide to donate you can rest assured your money won’t be spent on hookers and booze nearly as much as programming work.

Bitback is in beta, what does this mean?

You may experience errors, bugs or other unintended results. Site will be worked on continuously for the foreseeable future and very brief interruptions or bugs may happen.