Bitback helps you create cryptocurrency aliases and get paid more easily with your favorite coins.

Claim your name, add your addresses, get paid.

How it works

Register an account on Bitback, it only takes a minute.
Add your profile details (if you wish) and your crypto public keys
That’s it!
Go forth and share!

Why use it

Remembering crypto addresses is impossible. They’re long, not user friendly, and create unnecessary friction. With thousands of different cryptocurrencies letting people know which ones you accept wasn’t easy… until now.

Creating cryptocurrency address aliases has never been easier. Bitback helps you create a free public profile displaying all your crypto wallets. Turn 1PUGdfoaQs3C319r8ThMfw43nCUgeMQ2RC into

Who is this for

  1. Instead of an endless list of long addresses which are impossible to copy and paste, Youtubers or Twitch streamers can simply put their Bitback profile link in videos or streams.

  2. Website owners can make room on their donation pages and site footers. Instead of only listing 2-3 currencies, you can accept as many as we support with just one link.

  3. Freelancers can send their profile link to clients who can choose which cryptocurrency they prefer to pay in.

Bitback makes it easier to tell your friends, family, employers, supporters or followers how you want to get paid.

How much does this cost?

Bitback doesn’t handle any payments. All funds you receive go directly to your wallets, and you keep 100% of your money.

Creating a Bitback profile is free, forever.